Marketing Strategy

Consumer Focus offers everything you need to create an active presence on the web or to enhance your current site. As an energy provider, it’s important to stand out from your local competition. Having an easy-to-find website with quality content will set you apart.


Between social media and email correspondence, how much time each day do you spend communicating online? Whether you’re thinking of personal or workplace communications, we’re all using online platforms to get in touch. Now’s the time to integrate these platforms into your marketing!

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Notifying your customers about safety information related to the products and services you provide is important. Particularly for propane providers, this notification is, in some cases, required by law. Make it easy to fulfill this requirement with our turn-key duty to warn service.

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Using a series of print and/or web materials, we can work with you to create a campaign specific to any product or service you’d like to promote. Whether it’s an enrollment campaign for your service plans or an oil heat benefits campaign to combat energy source competition, we’re on it.
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