Service Plan Development

Are your service plans profitable? Make sure you are offering your customers quality service within reason. We can work with you to restructure your service plans strategically to add value without giving away parts and labor.

Why restructure your service plans?

  • MORALE: Your service department works hard to keep your customers safe; make sure your staff feels like they are making a positive financial impact on your business.
  • PROFITS: Replacing a parts list with a parts discount approach allows you to offer significant savings to homeowners without giving equipment away.
  • VALUE: Add in additional service options for even further protection, like tank testingĀ or home monitoring options.
  • CLARITY: When is the last time you edited your service plans? Are they easy to understand, and is the information still accurate? Keeping all of your important information and giving it a new look could generate new service plan business on its own.

With years of experience in the oil heat industry, and having worked with hundreds of oil providers, we are experts in making oil companies more profitable. Contact us for a free consultation.