Every Door Direct Mailer

Every Door Direct Mail is an easy way to reach potential customers within your service area – and within your budget. We work with our customers and USPS to create a unique, simple, and cost-effective process for your geographically targeted promotions. If you know you are planning to send a large mailing and are looking for an affordable way to reach a mass amount of targets, EDDM is a wise choice.

How It Works

  • Collaborate with Consumer Focus to discuss your promotional objectives and create a professional, strategic marketing piece.
  • Target homeowners and business owners in the area(s) of your choice on the USPS website.
  • Pay as little as 18.3¢ per piece for postage!
  • Gain more exposure in your service area and reach new potential customers.

Customize your Every Door Direct Mail piece in size, layout, copy, and overall design to make sure it speaks to your company’s brand. Get started on your next campaign by contacting us today!

Direct Fuel EDDM Example